Hawkeye is a innovative for more than 10 years in action camera market 
constantly evolving and adding new products to portfolio to satisfy market demands.

Assembling a camera is simple. The best quality components and
 attention to detail are essential to make a quality action camera.

We are proud not only producing awesome action cameras,
but also full after sales support .

Hawkeye stays full committed to after-sales support.
We are continuously releasing new firmwares improving quality and adding new functions.


Hohem Technology Co.,Ltd.(Hohem-Tech), which founded in 2013 by design experts and makers of UAV industry.

Hohem team concentrated on independent R&D and production of high performance flight controller systems and smart gimbal systems, and successfully released flight controller system series including Bat, Bfly, Bee, Hohem UAV ground controller system, qOSD system and smart gimbal system series including Gopro gimbal for aircraft, handheld stabilizing gimbal for GoPro and handheld stabilizer for smartphone.

Let Hohem bring you the excellent experiences.