Hawkeye Little Pilot VR All-in-one

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LED Screen Display resolution 800x480
Backlight LED
Brightness 700 Lux
Aspect ratio 16:9
Response time 10ms
Color sytem PAL/NTSC
Input Signal Video (PAL/NTSC)
Output Signal Video (PAL/NTSC)
Specification Monitor size 128.5mmx83.5mmx14mm
Gross weight 120g
5.8G Sensitivity -94dB
Matching antenna interface interface RP-SMA
5.8G Sensitivity -93db

   Specially designed for aerial photography system, Sharp Vision all-in-one monitor has the following features:
* High brightness: 700 Lux.
* Dual receiver: built-in receivers.
* No delay/anti blue screen/anti black screen: the system won't cause any delay in receiving signal; blue screen or black screen will definitely not occur.
* Auto/manual channel scan: no need for DIP switch.

Note: Three dispany resource types of this monitor are: FPV interface, Esternal video input interface.

Frequency Group Selection:
    You can manually select the desired frequency from 6 groups: A, B, C, D, E and F, or select SCAN option to start auto search
    Dual 5.8G receivers cover 48 channels:

  A B C D E F
1 5.645G 5.740G 5.725G 5.733G 5.658G 5.362G
2 5.665G 5.760G 5.745G 5.752G 5.695G 5.399G
3 5.865G 5.780G 5.765G 5.771G 5.732G 5.436G
4 5.705G 5.800G 5.785G 5.790G 5.769G 5.473G
5 5.885G 5.820G 5.805G 5.809G 5.806G 5.510G
6 5.905G 5.840G 5.825G 5.828G 5.843G 5.547G
7 5.925G 5.860G 5.845G 5.847G 5.880G 5.584G
8 5.945G 5.880G 5.865G 5.866G 5.917G 5.621G

Hawkeye Little Pilot VR goggles Manual, click here

Package Included:
1x Hawkeye Little Pilot VR goggles